Termination Boards

GM Custom and Universal Termination boards:

GM offers a wide range of standard and customized Termination Boards for 8/16 units (32/64 channels) for an easy interaction with instrumentation of main manufacturers such as Invensys Foxboro, ABB, Triconex, Yokogawa, Honeywell and many others. Our termination boards are also available with the new HART Interface System that drastically reduces the number of multiplexer modules.

Termination Board Features:

  • High density and compact design with up to 64 channels per Termination Board;
  • Single, dual and redundant connection solution available;
  • Custom version available dor most DCS, ESD and PLC systems;
  • Universal installation of: AI, AO, DI, DO for IS or NIS modules;
  • Redundant power supply with local and remote alarm indication;
  • HART Compatible and suitable for connection to HART Multiplexers;
  • Marine type approval and optional G3 coating.


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