Forklift truck blue safety warning spot Zone 1 & 21

Explosion proof warning BLUE SPOT for forklifts & warehouse trucks.

Whether your employees are driving a forklift or warehouse truck or walking through your warehouse, they quickly lose sight of potential hazards on the job. They may be inattentive, absorbed in their work or fail to hear important warning signals in noisy environments, which unfortunately can lead to dangerous accidents on company premises. COSIME's Blue Spot minimizes these risks without the use of sound signals.

COSIME's Blue Spot projects a blue warning spot onto the ground. This alerts pedestrians and other warehouse or forklift drivers to approaching material handling equipment. This visual solution from COSIME intuitively draws attention to moving trucks, significantly increasing safety, both in aisles and at intersections where visibility is limited.


  • Light source: 3 Blue LED spotlights 
  • Power: 10Watt
  • Supply voltage: 24Vdc ±10% (DC-DC converters up to 110V on request)
  • Ex protection: II2GD Ex e mb IIC T5 Gb, Ex mb IIIC T95°C IP66 Db
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C ÷ +40°C/+60°C
  • Certificate: CEC 14 ATEX 166