Earth detection system DMTB20R (Cosime)

Electronic earth detection system DMTB20R.

Earth detection systems are used to control grounding continuity during thanks loading and unloading operations.

Tanks and vessels become electrostatically charged during this loading and unloading operations. An imperfect earthing might cause fire originated by a spark in presence of gas.

The earthing control system is fitted with an internal earthing control electronic circuit that authorizes tank and vessel loading and unloading when resistance is less than 20 ohm. The intrinsically safe isolated grounding clamp connected to the tank or vessel verifies the grounding.

The system is made of a light alloy enclosure and equipped with pilot lights for status feedback and an insertion push button for activating after connecting the earth clamp. The heavy duty grounding clamp comes with 10m cable.


Certifications: ATEX: KEMA 01 ATEX 2257
Marking: Ex II 2(1)G Ex db [ia Ga] IIB + Hydrogen T6 Gb IP65/66
Ambient temperature: -20°C ÷ +60°C
Power supply: 230Vac 50/60Hz
Output: NO+NC contact 5A @ 250V